Quality Assurance Management Center

Negros Oriental State University Quality Assurance Management Center (QUAMC) is a synergized establishment inspired by QA experienced SUCs. As benchmarked, it will strategically house the organized presentation of important documents on internal and for external accreditation, either program-based or institutional. A showcase of these documents will also be purposively for marketing the programs and/or the university.

A dual function will be the machination of QUAMC, to wit: (1) Internal Quality Assurance Audit (IQAA); and (2) External Quality Assurance by Accreditation (EQAA). In 6-fold internal QA mechanism by Commissioner Defensor, NORSU QUAMC is limited only to:

1.1 periodically reviews degree programs through review committees rom the department, to college, to institute levels with the Vice President for the Academic Affairs to present in the Academic Council for the University President’s review and recommendation to the Board of Regents;

1.2 inherently involves external evaluators or peer accreditors in the thorough process of assessing programs or institutional best practices necessary for external QA by formal accreditation visits; and

1.3 continually administers the performance evaluation of part-time and full-time faculty members.

This is a developmental institutional QA and an assessment of its internal accountability. IQAA converges on academic issues and the collection of evidences on the fulfilment of NORSU’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives.

Upon QA by accreditation, QUAMC operates to :

2.1 responsibly coordinates with the accreditation agency;

2.2 diplomatically monitors the progress of different working committees involved in the said accreditation; and

2.3 pro-actively invigorates the accreditation working committees through intellectual discussions and activities.

External QA by accreditation will include several quality related assessment provided by different recognized accrediting agencies. This will prove to the customers of NORSU the achievement of its VMGO and all its legal expectations as a State University.

This nerve functioning center, NORSU QUAMC, will be managed by 20 AACUP Trained Accreditors with a Director among them. These Accreditors will serve as the internal experts as tasked to spearhead their QA in their department, college, institute and campus. The embodiments of this Quality Assurance Management Center will be contained in NORSU’s dove-tailed Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives (VMGO).